It is at this point that we go beyond the expected; indulge, revitalize and renew your skin. Our specially trained staff will consult and build a treatment plan with you to help you achieve your best skin ever. Utilizing the industry’s top natural products and state of the art treatment forms you will be elevated above and beyond your wildest expectations.

Luxury Facials

Kitty’s Signature Facial

*this treatment is performed only by Kitty – owner of The Spa Central Coast
Kitty has developed a truly unforgettable treatment; having been featured in numerous articles, this decadent treatment is the crème de la crème, and is performed only by her. After years of consultations, specialized training and experience, this full body experience will leave you renewed and truly revitalized. Begin with a custom foot soak, followed by a massage and a customized facial to suit your specific skin type and needs. This most deserved treatment is an instant favorite service of anyone who has received one, and will see you coming back time and time again for Kitty’s Signature Facial.

75 Minutes – $200 Reserve Now »
90 Minutes – $220 Reserve Now »
120 Minutes – $250 Reserve Now »

Spa Central Coast Facial

Healthy skin starts here, it doesn’t matter if your skin is dry, oily, young or mature; our skin professionals will guide you and work with you to achieve amazing results that will help slow the signs of aging. Extractions are included as well as an upper back, neck, scalp and arm massage. With an assortment of available in-room upgrades and add-ons you can take your skin care to the next level including: microdermabrasion, ultrasound, peels and masks, and oxygen infusion; ensuring that you will leave this experience in absolute bliss.

Spa Central Coast-20-S

60 Minutes – $110 Reserve Now »
75 Minutes -$145 *includes an upgraded massage experience Reserve Now »

The Spa Central Coast Microdermabrasion Facial

This facial is designed to help your skin turn back the hands of time. Our trained skin care professionals will utilize state-of-the-art equipment to bring out the best in your skin. This treatment will clean your pores, slow down any further breakouts and start you towards healing any potential scarring from the past.This Facial will also include extractions and a cooling mask! This is in no way what you would experience in a medical office ~ however our Microderm machine is of medical grade .. no short cuts on this and without losing any of the much needed relaxation you need. This treatment would cost you $350-$500 in any medical office !

50- 60   Minutes – $130

Hydro add on  $30

30 Mins ~ No mask included $70

Reserve Now »

Central Coast Gentleman’s Facial

This deep cleansing facial holds back no punches; it revives and renews to turn back the damages from shaving and improper facial care. Extractions and a mask will have you back in fighting shape and our skin care professionals will offer you some great take home products to add to your facial cleaning regimen. *Shaving is not necessary prior to your appointment.

50- 60  Minutes – $110 Reserve Now »

Anti Acne Facial

An emulsifying facial to help control facial oils, this facial is geared towards the removal of bacteria that causes those blemishes and flare-ups in the skin. Our skin care professionals will help you bring balance to your skin and give you some great take home knowledge on how to combat acne and bring balance to your skin.

50-60  Minutes – $110 Reserve Now »

Back Facial

This spa favorite effectively corrects congested and excessively oily skin in those hard to reach spots. Extractions are provided where needed. We recommend a series of visits to help maintain back health and to promote healthy skin.

30 Minutes – $60 Reserve Now »

Teenage Facial

A deep cleansing facial treatment designed to educate your teenager of the necessity of proper cleansing to their skin during an important time of their life. Needed extractions included.

45- 55  Minutes – $75 Reserve Now »

Sabai Herbal Ball Facial

60 Minutes – $120

Zen Warm Stone Facial

60 Minutes – $120


Why Peels? For collagen stimulation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, more even pigmentation, pore size reduction and acne clearing.

Peel Consultation

Approx. 20 min – No Charge Schedule by phone or in person so we can determine the best approach to your needs.

Brilliance Peel

Glycolic Acid Peel. Known as the “lunch-hour-peel,” this noon-invasive, zero downtime peel resurfaces skin to reveal brighter, softer, refined skin instantly.

Allow 30 minutes –  $90 Reserve Now »

Brilliance Peel Series (3)

Scheduled 1 week apart, this series of Brilliance peels provides overall boost of brighter, softer, refined skin.

$235 Reserve Now »

Refine Peel

Elevates peel services by combining targeted peels with advanced anti-aging factors and high concentration.

$145 Reserve Now »

Refine Peel Series (3)

Scheduled 3-4 weeks apart, this series of 3 refine peels provides overall skin rejuvenation with less peeling and downtime than more aggressive treatments with same overall results.

$400 Reserve Now »


Mini Treatments

Short on Time, Not on Effectiveness: these treatments are designed for maximum effectiveness in a shorter time period. If you do not have the time to commit to a full spa experience but need quick results, these quick skin pepping treatments are for you.

On the Go Facial

This “on-the-go” treatment is designed to clean and revive your skin. While there is no extractions, this quick pick-me-up facial is more than suitable to provide you with a fresh and renewed face; if time is short this facial makes a great add-on to any of our other treatments.

30 Minutes – $70 Reserve Now »

Rose Petal Facial

This beautifying anti-stress treatment is perfect for the woman on the go. An extremely gentle glycolic and is included. Extractions are not included.

30 minutes – $70 Reserve Now »

Central Coast Eye Firming Treatment


Central Coast Lip Exfoliation Treatment


Microdermabrasion and Add-Ons

Our add-ons are the perfect marriage to your luxurious facial treatments. Ask any of our staff or your skin care professional about what add-ons would give you the most benefit. The following services are available as add-ons for any of our facials. Request one in room, when booking, or just ask us what would work best for your skin!


No toxic crystals used in our treatment and zero down time. This treatment reduces early aging lines, age spots, sun damage and acne scarring. We feel the best results with microdermabrasion are through a series of treatments. We do offer a significant savings if you purchase a series of treatments, or if you would just like to focus on a particular area we have that option as well.
Decollete -$20
Hands – $15

Cooling Mask

In-Room Add-On – $20

Licorice Mask

In-Room Add-On – $20

Oxygen Infusion

This skin treatment infuses oxygen into the skin allowing your largest asset to fight the appearance of aging. You will be stunned at the results. Oxygen infusion is such an amazing treatment for the skin.
In-Room Add-On – $20

Pineapple Enzymatic Mask

Great for skin that is a little over-due for a deep cleansing. Pineapple enzymes will soften and heal your skin while helping to diminish age spots and wrinkles. It is extremely gentle but also very effective.
In-Room Add-On – $20

Pumpkin Mask

In-Room Add-On – $20

Rose Glycolic

A gentle combination of glycolic, essential oil of roses and an infusion of oxygen all for instantly enhancing the beauty of your skin. This add on treatment will tone hydrate and give you an instant renewed look and bring back that youthful skin.
$25 ( ad on )

30 min ~ $75

Vitamin C Nutrient Mask

Ideal for dry, dehydrated and sun damaged skin. A powerful antioxidant is use that immediately penetrates the skin. An anti-aging specialty and a The Spa Central Coast clientele favorite.
In-Room Add-On – $20

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