Swedish Massage is a three-stroke massage without addressing major pressure points. Available in 30 minute up to 120 minute durations.

30/60/90 Minutes – $50/$88/$125 Reserve Now

Integrated Massage is a favorite of our therapists as they get to apply several forms of massage techniques to their treatment.

30/60/90 Minutes – $60/$95/$135 Reserve Now

Deep Tissue Massage is an option for clients seeking an extra bit of muscle work. Recommended for athletes, travelers, or anyone carrying any stress in their body.

30/60/90 Minutes – $70/$105/$145 Reserve Now

Couples Massage is a massage done in our private couple’s room.  Each person receives the full attention of her/his own massage therapist in order to enjoy a relaxing 60-minute, 75-minute, or 90-minute Swedish, Integrated, or Deep Tissue massage with your sweetie. It also includes a soothing 15-minute foot soak in our alluring meditation room and refreshing water from our exclusive 4-filter hydration system.  Prices reflected are per couple.

Couples Swedish – 60/75/90 Minutes – $210/$230/$270
Couples Integrated – 60/75/90 Minutes – $230/$250/$290
Couples Deep Tissue – 60/75/90 Minutes – $ 270/$290/$310
Reserve Now

Scalp Massage is a quick massage to stimulate the scalp and promote relaxation.

10/15/20 Minutes – $15/$20/$25 Reserve Now

Beyond Massage

Aroma-Massage: Stress creates imbalance both physically and emotionally.  This 60-minute aromatherapy touch treatment will bring you back into proper alignment and assist your body in re-adjusting. Reduce stress, encourage lymphatic movement, reduce inflammation and bring your autonomic system into balance with this highly specialized treatment that utilizes the incredibly pure concentration of oils. It is not to be missed!

60 Minutes – $ 110.00 Reserve Now

Energy Work: Harmonyum® is Bio-Metaphysical Therapy.  The biology of the body includes a sophisticated electro-magnetic field, which is often completely ignored in western medicine.  Eastern medicine identifies meridians in the body; they are the energy highways that work with the subtle nervous system to regulate and adjust the function of all systems of the body.  Metaphysics addresses the less obvious aspect of our bodies, taking into consideration the mind and spirit’s effect on our experience.  By studying and understanding how energy moves, what encourages it to flow, and what blocks the flow, we have learned how to replenish and balance it.  This is Bio-Metaphysical medicine.

The degree to which Harmonyum® or any Bio-Metaphysical Therapy will work for an individual is dependent on many things and is unique to each individual.  An open mind and positive attitude will allow flow.  Doubt, worry, fear, or negative thoughts will block flow.  Talk to our Practitioner for more information!

In a Harmonyum session, the client remains clothed, but will remove watches and jewelry.  Some therapies involve the Practitioner touching the client’s back, neck, head and shoulders or hand, and some techniques are applied “hands-off” in the client’s energy field.  The client will be treated lying down or sitting, depending on the technique.  Modifications can be made to accommodate individual client needs.  Notify the Practitioner in advance if you are pregnant, need position accommodation, or have an advanced disease or condition.

60/90 Minutes – $68/$125 Reserve Now

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage: Lomi-Lomi is a unique healing massage derived from the ancient Polynesians and master healers of Hawaii. Your massage therapist uses continuous, flowing strokes. Doing this allows you to relax your entire body and promotes harmony and releases blocked energy. Available in 60 minute and 90 minute durations.

60/90 Minutes – $110/$135 Reserve Now

PreNatal Massage: A special treatment for you and your special little one. Every therapist is specially trained to help reduce stress and bring balance and relaxation to you during this magical time of your life.

60 Minutes – $95 Reserve Now

SABAI Herbal Ball Massage: Bring the sense of balance and equilibrium to the body, mind, and spirit by experiencing “Sabai.” The herbal ball includes Lemon grass, Turmeric, Prai, Kaffir Lime, Camphor and Tamarind. These are anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties that soothe and heal and draw out toxins.

60/90 Minutes – $125/$155 Reserve Now

Zen Hot Stone Body Massage: A unique therapy that blends traditional therapeutic massage techniques with heat from warm river rocks. By integrating the energy of the four elements: earth, air, water and fire, we are able to provide a distinctive form of full body balancing.

60/90 Minutes – $125/$155 Reserve Now

In-Home Massage

In-Home Massage: The Spa Central Coast proudly offers In-Home Massage if you are unable to travel due to injury.  We can travel to you throughout the Central Coast.

Within City Limits $125.00 per hour 20% Gratuity to be included 

Travel Fee – Please call Spa to discuss


Call us to schedule – (805) 591-7157

* At this time we do not offer facial or body wrap treatments for “in-home appointments” as they require the full use of our spa facilities.

** The therapists at their discretion do reserve the right to end the treatment at any time.


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