Body Wraps and Exfoliation

The Spa Central Coast in Paso Robles aims to offer you the greatest selection of luxurious treatments. We are always adding exciting new treatments and offerings to provide you with a unique experience you will remember. We invite you to browse these hand-selected treatments and then experience them for yourself.

Body Wraps

Body Wraps can improve circulation and eliminate toxins from the body,  temporarily re-shape the body, help reduce body fat deposits as well as nourish the body with every vitamin, mineral and trace element your body needs. Take your pick from our body wrap selection below!

The Spa Central Coast Signature Body Wrap

This phenomenal treatment has truly won its “Signature” name! The Signature body wrap recipe is made with various types of potent ocean algae. Included are many types of precious essential oils that work synergistically with the algae. The algae, rich in minerals, help with dry or dehydrated skin and skin that has begun to lose its tone. The essential oils are blended to work on specific parts of the body. This treatment will begin the process of releasing toxins that cause the skin to appear rippled or thick looking such as thick upper arms, pouches on upper hips, waists and stomachs that bloat or are distended. A very special blend of essential oils and seaweed are applied to any “fat patches.”  This treatment is completely customized to meet the specific needs of your body. It is an extraordinarily powerful treatment.

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Body Contouring Treatment

A local favorite!  This is a 30-day guarantee to lose 4-14 inches, but it must be done at least once per week for four weeks. This is a tissue detoxification program, not a water loss method. Please consult with our professional therapist prior to booking.

60 Minutes – $125 (package discounts and membership available as well) Book Now »

Seaweed Body Wrap

Best suited for dehydrated skin, skin lacking tone, and anyone who is fatigued or is lacking energy! *Contraindications with Marine Seaweed treatments include iodine allergies, thyroid medications, steroids, or any woman who may be pregnant.  If you have these allergies, are pregnant or taking any of the above items, please see the Sedona mud wrap, which may be a better option for you or consult with our professional therapists for other selections that would fit your need.

60 Minutes – $155 Book Now »

Sedona Mud Wrap

If mud is your love rather than seaweed, then try our adobe colored mud wrap from the mysterious land of Sedona. It will purify, hydrate and soothe your skin with protein rich Sedona mud. It is also a great alternative to seaweed if you are allergic to iodine.

60 Minutes – $ 155 Book Now »

Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation helps skin that is flaky and dull feel beautiful, silky, and radiant. You will feel like your skin can breathe again! *May be added on to particular body treatments. Please make your request with our Front Desk at time of booking your appointment.

Salt Exfoliation

This beautifully exfoliates the skin.  We use a marine pumice made from the most hydrating algae with organic essential oils of grapefruit, creating an intensive body exfoliant.  This treatment is also wonderful for young women or pre and post-menopausal women.  Please avoid shaving your legs prior to this treatment.

30 Minutes – $80   (A great add on!)
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