March Health & Wellness Class at The Spa Central Coast Paso Robles

March Health & Nutrition Class

Come join Ali, Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach, for her 4-week, 90-minute health class based on Dr William Sears’s scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer.  Dr Sears is a renown physician, nutrition expert, and author of 45 books.   You will receive 4 workbooks and the book Prime Time Health. The workbooks cover the following topics: how your body makes its own medicine, why to make health your hobby, how to move waste from your waist, and how to live without pain and inflammation.  Only $265 for all four 90-minute classes. Price includes the materials.

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Meditation 101 Health & Wellness Class at The Spa Central Coast

Guided Meditation in our Meditation Room

Every Thursday from 9:00am-9:45am

Guided Meditation:  This is led by Carmen Rose, who is certified in meditation and in yoga.  Many credible, medical studies show that meditation slows aging in the brain, but it wasn’t until studies from UCLA’s School of Medicine revealed in 2015 that “On average, the brains of long-term meditators were 7.5 years younger at age 50 than the brains of non-meditators, and an additional 1 month and 22 days younger for every year after 50.”

Do you want a younger brain and to dive deeper into your spirit? Come join us from 9:00am-9:45am every Thursday.  It’s free for members.  $5 for those who took Carmen’s 4-week January course and $8 for everyone else.  Hit the button below to sign up.

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Meet Your Instructor

Carmen RoseCarmen Rose (Yoga Inward | is a certified teacher in both meditation and yoga. She has been practicing these ancient traditions for most of her adult life and is passionate about weaving these practices into her daily activities as an effective means of improving health and overall well-being. Carmen unveils the mystique behind meditation and yoga, bringing true clarity and practical everyday application for daily living.

Circle of Grace

Circle of Grace Class

Wednesday, March 20th at 6:00pm-8:00pm

Staying centered and grounded in our hearts can be challenging.  So many things can trigger and throw us off balance.

Learn how to stay heart balanced by joining Ali Bowen, The Spa Central Coast Manager & Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and Janice Patterson, Intuitive Spiritual Guide, in a sweet, sacred time out called “Circle of Grace.”  It will be a time to share, remember, reflect and re-connect with that which is most authentic and important to you.  Honoring your true self and staying balanced in that will be key in having a productive year.   “Circle of Grace” will be held on Wednesday, March 20 from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Janice is planning to make you something sweet for the holiday.

Please note that this class needs to be pre-paid and there are no refunds.  You’re welcome to let a friend or family member come in your place, though, if you ultimately can’t attend.  The class is only $20.

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