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August 2021

August is all about keeping you safe and continuing to boost your immune systems.


As a team we have chosen to remain wearing masks during your service.  While we are in full swing and business is booming everywhere, we want to assure you all of our continued efforts to keep you safe.

We have brought back foot soaks, but we still keep you distanced from other guests. We also sanitize each room after it has been used, and we use protective sheets that are sanitized after each use. We have set up a hot cabby with warm towels and product to wash your hands prior to your treatment. (You will find this now in the check-in area. ). We will continue to take your temperature upon arrival.

None of our therapists come to work if they are having any cold or flu-like symptoms.  We ask that all of our guests continue to practice safe habits as well.

We also want to remind you that as business is booming, we do find ourselves short-handed at times, so please recognize that those of us here are working extra hard to make your guest experience the best that it can be. This is always our goal! Currently, we are open during our regular hours Tuesday-Saturday, but we are closed Sundays. We have limited hours Mondays  (10am- 4pm) and only offer massage (no facials) on Mondays until we can find another qualified esthetician to meet the need.  If you know of any that may be looking for extra work, please send that person our way.


We have brought on a great new line called Hush & Hush to help you maintain your health. It was developed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Marc Ronert. His knowledge and research of aging, skin care, beauty and wellness are second to none.

Order online at our Spa Store, or visit the spa. We love this line of luxury nutraceutical and healthy living products. It’s simple to use yet well curated. These professionally formulated supplements fuel your body with the right nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which you will find in each product so you can look and feel your best.


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Special Event

The Global Gathering


On Wednesday, August 18th at 3:30pm (Pacific Time), register for an evening of healing by healers representing different countries across the globe. One of our Paso Robles energy healers & Master Health & Wellness Coach, Ali Bowen, has been invited to participate in this event. By registering, you’ll be able to see a small segment of healing that she does, as well as experience various healing modalities from other healers across the globe.  We hope you join us!

To register, go to:  

August Specials

The Spa Central Coast Gift Cards

Gift Card

Give the gift of wellness to yourself, family or friends with a Gift Card for spa services at The Spa Central Coast!

You may purchase a gift card in person at the Spa, call our reception desk at (805) 591-7157 or click below to purchase gift cards online through MindBody.

Wind Down Wednesdays

Book a massage, facial, and foot treatment on Wednesdays and receive 10% off total price.  Discount taken off at check out.

Hemp Shak CBD Drops

Save on Hemp Shak CBD Products

Spa Members and regular clients can both save on CBD during the month of August!

25% off Hemp Shak CBD drops for Members
10% off Hemp Shak CBD drops for Regular Clients

Please stop by the Spa to purchase.

New Services

Celluma Light Therapy

Cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care, Celluma LED light therapy devices use specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells for enhanced skin appearance and pain relief. The Celluma SERIES offers convenient solutions for the treatment of skin concerns as well as muscle, joint and pain issues.

$35 Add on to Facial (30 minute session)

Dr. Fuji Cyber Body Slimmer

Dr. Fuji® Cyber Body Slimmer

Dr. Fuji® Cyber Body Slimmer is an effective workout to improve balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, toning & fat-loss. Physical energy level is increased and mental focus is enriched and enhanced. The Cyber Body Slimmer increases blood flow and involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex, which will boost hormonal system response, generating more Endorphins (happy hormone), more Collagen (better skin), and more HGH (more muscle mass and less fat) and lower Cortisol level (stress and fat accumulation hormone).

With the technology, strong contractions can be repeated at a rapid rate, up to 3000 muscle contractions per minute. Since the muscle contractions are involuntary, nearly 100 percent of muscles are being worked. This is in contrast to conventional training, where only 40-60% of your muscles engage. Using more muscles with higher repetitions than conventional training can provide you with results for the whole body in only 15 minutes.

$20 add on 10-15 Minutes (great before an infrared session!) Members get it free!

Summer Fruit Bruscetta

August Featured Recipe

Summer Fruit Bruschetta 


  • French bread – Cut into thin slices.
  • Strawberries -Fresh is best, if available. Cut berries into small pieces.
  • Peaches – Slice into small pieces.
  • Goat’s cheese – I’ve used cranberry goat cheese; the tang of the cranberries really works well with the fruit. Plain goat’s cheese is just fine, though.
  • Raspberry white balsamic vinegar – if you can’t find this, then regular balsamic vinegar.
  • Basil leaves – opt for fresh basil; it’s much better than dried, and it looks great too!


  • Toast the slices of bread in the oven.
  • Spread on the goat’s cheese, top with fruit, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

Serve and enjoy!

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