In May there is so much to be thankful for:  #1 our Moms!!

Maybe you’re a mom to a few or to many people, or maybe you’re a mom to some fur babies. Either way, you are the nurturing soul that this Universe gave us to teach us love. Being loved unconditionally and loving unconditionally… these are always the real love that many of us experienced by our moms or those who we adopted as moms.

So for this, we want to celebrate all you MOMS!



2019 Best Massage
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May 2022 Specials

Mother's Day Gift Card Special

Gift Card

This Mothers Day, when you purchase a gift card at The Spa, we will add in a 3 oz. Beauty of Hope candle to add to your gift bag. (10% of purchase goes toward fighting sex trafficking.)  For all online orders, when you buy a $200.00 gift card, you will receive $250!

You may purchase a gift card in person at the Spa, call our reception desk at (805) 591-7157 or click below to purchase gift cards online through MindBody.

Pride Month - Couples Massage Special

Couples Massage Special – Pride Month

May is also Pride Month.  We celebrate diversity and loving one another regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  So for the month of May, we’re offering a special on our Couples massage.  This soothing experience begins in our meditation room where the two of you will soak your feet in a beautiful, copper bowl and enjoy your choice of beverage.  A couple’s relationship card will be drawn for you to take home with you and you will pick an oil to set the intention of your massage together while you enjoy your foot soak.  Your massage therapists will then take you out of your foot soak and lead you to one of our loving Couple’s room where you   will be massaged by your respective therapist leaving you feeling more connected to one another. If you’d like to bring friends with you, you can book them for a couple’s massage if you’d like, as we now have 2 couples rooms available.

What’s New at the Spa?

Cryo Facial and Cryo Slimming/Toning

I have been researching for years now and finally found what I have been looking for to step up our facials in order to leave you looking even younger with tighter skin, greater reduction of pore size and increased improvement of skin tone. If you haven’t heard the big news, we have the amazing Cryo Facial and Cryo Slimming/Toning available.

The Cryo Facial is a natural alternative to toxic injections and surgery because it helps to eliminate fine lines and fat around the neck, just like the toxic options do, but without the toxins! It’s perfect for reducing signs of aging ~ a natural facelift! See our menu for more information.  We believe you’ll find this is a facial you don’t want to go without!

Check Out Our New Packages

I recently went away to recharge myself, and when I visited a top-notch spa in Tahoe, it was amazing but it didn’t offer anything to come back each day and really get a reset.  I thought, we need to show how this is done!  So I’ve created a new package to be tailor-made for those that live in town or for those visiting and staying at one of our lovely hotels or AirBNBs . I have included some activities and other local energy workers to round out this package in order to help you feel your best and go back home completely recharged, while you’ll also learn a new pattern of self care that you can implement at home. It’s called the 4-Day Reset Package.

Each day, you will pampered and set up with great food choices and other amazing experiences once you leave The Spa.  This package is not just for one person, so if you’d like to bring one friend or more, we can accommodate.  Call (805) 591-7157 to book this reservation.

Kitty Arosteguy - Owner, CA Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician

Kitty’s Recommended Experiences

On our menu, you will now see a Referral page. This list contains people and places that Kitty has personally used and feels is a must-go or must-do while you’re visiting the Paso Robles area—or for any locals who haven’t tried them. It includes other energy workers, restaurants, wineries, and fun experiences/activities.

Spa Packages

Extended Hours on Tuesdays for Spa Members

One last thing to mention is during the Summer months, we ask our members to do their best to book during the week rather than on Saturdays. We appreciate your help as we are closed on Sundays so that we can give our employees a rest, and we are trying to accommodate our out-of-town guests on Saturdays.

To help our members during the week bookings, we are now offering services on Tuesdays until 8pm to accommodate members that work during the week and find it hard to get in otherwise.

Ali’s Health Corner:  Topics that affect our Health & Wellness

When so many stressful things are going on around us, it’s easy to lose hope, to wonder how things will improve, and to find peace.  But there is a way.  It’s called going within.  Too often we look for the answers to what plagues us outside of ourselves when the answer is to get grounded within.  It is only then that we can tap into that silent, serene space that is within us all to find the clarity we need.  Sometimes that’s hard to do on your own, though, if you don’t know how to do it.

Consider coming to The Spa this month to attend our “Soul Thirst:  Mindful/Meditation Class” on Tuesday, November 20th and we’ll teach you how to meditate and find that silent, inner space.  Or you may want to come to The Spa to enjoy some relaxation with your friends and family by enjoying one of our many treatments or take advantage of our November specials like our “Intention Facials or Intention Massages for individuals or couples” (see specials below).  After all, the holidays should be a time of joy, a time to spend with friends and with family in relaxation rather than stressing out by buying another gift that our loved ones don’t really need.

For a holiday gift this year, consider giving someone the gift of relaxation or health coaching to get them healthier by purchasing a gift card.  There are 3 ways you can purchase one:  online through our website, call us at (805) 591-7157, or come on in to The Spa.  We’re open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.

Whatever you choose to do, may you have joy, peace, and love.

Namaste (which means the light in me honors the light in you),
Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach/The Spa Manager & Director

Kitty’s Corner: Blissful Seaweed Bath

One of my favorite things to do is to take a relaxing bath.   I can’t live without our bath spa product called “Blissful Seaweed Bath” and a few drops of our “I Am Stress Free” oil.  This is why I decided to make “Blissful Seaweed Bath” our membership product special of the month.  Everyone deserves to try this at least once in their lives.  There’s a really good reason why Kings and Queens soaked in bathtubs—to de-stress and to pamper themselves.  After you try it with our products, my bet is that you will wonder why you have not made this a part of your own ritual earlier.

“Blissful Seaweed Bath” is loaded with magnesium and calcium and other essential minerals that we are often lacking. With this magnesium and calcium, you actually absorb it better than if you were to ingest it.  It crosses the skin and blood barriers.  You’ll feel grounded and relaxed like you’re in a beautiful meditation.

Here’s my process for this “spoil myself” ritual: turn off the lights, light a few candles, 2 scoops of “Blissful Seaweed Bath”, 5 drops of “I Am Stress Free” oil, breathe in and let go.  It’s time to surrender! Your muscles will thank you and so will anyone around you because you will feel more balanced after this ritual.  Enjoy!  This is one of my absolute favorites.

Much Love,
Kitty (Owner)

November 2018 Special

Intention Massage (for singles or couples)

One of the definitions of intention is “a thing intended; an aim or plan.  But another definition is “the healing process of a wound.”  Sometimes we need to take time to focus on an intention because we are in need of healing whether it’s our body, our mind, or our soul.  If you need some healing, try our Intention Massage.  We’ll show you how to select an intention card that your soul needs.  The message will be woven by our massage therapists through your massage experience.  You then will take the card home with you to further ponder why you selected that card.  It’s a great way to bring more awareness to yourself about something you need while settling into the gentle and skilled hands of our massage therapists.  Your body will receive the loving care it needs this holiday, as will your soul.  This massage is for men and women.  This massage is 60 minutes for only $100 (for single person); $235 total (for couples).

Intention Facial

One of the definitions of intention is “a thing intended; an aim or plan.  But another definition is “the healing process of a wound.”  Sometimes we need to take time to focus on an intention because we are in need of healing whether it’s our body, our mind, or our soul.  If you need some healing, try our Intention Facial.  We’ll show you how to select an intention card that your soul needs.  The message will be woven by our estheticians through your facial experience.  You then will take the card home with you to further ponder why you selected that card.  It’s a great way to bring more awareness to yourself about something you need while settling into the gentle and skilled hands of our estheticians.  Your face will receive the loving care it needs to look radiant this holiday, as will your soul.  This facial is for men and women.  This treatment is 60 minutes for only $120.

Product Special for the Month

All The Spa Central Coast members will receive 25% off  our 8oz jars of “Blissful Seaweed Bath.”  It’s a great gift for the holidays, too, so get yours today!!

Bulletin (New Stuff at The Spa)

  • A BIG thanks to all of you who entered the fun “A Trip for Two to the Paso Robles Wine Country.”  Congratulations to Jessica Steiner.  Over 11,000 people entered.  Way to go, Jessica!! We look forward to having you and your special someone for a couple’s massage at The Spa soon!
  • Family Menu & Family Plus Memberships (you can now add your partner and children to your membership). Children can be added for just $50 each child or teen.  This must be done in The Spa.

Health & Wellness Classes

Ali Bowen, The Spa Central Coast, Manager & Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Janice Patterson will be teaching “Soul Thirst:  Mindful/Meditation Class” on Tuesday, November 20th from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Learn how to go within through mindful meditation when things are stressful in order to find serenity, clarity, and peace.  We will also share some of the book A Mindful Nation by Congressman Tim Ryan.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or just a free soul, this book has some wonderful suggestions about how to bring mindfulness/meditation into more sectors in our society and provides evidence why.  You will receive a copy when you attend the class.  Please note that the classes are not refundable due to limited space.  If you ultimately can’t attend, you’re welcome to let a friend or family member come in your place. The class is only $45.

New Hours (for our local winemakers & employees)

We are committed to spreading health and wellness, particularly in our own community.  Since we have a good number of individuals who work at the wineries who are unable to book their massages during our regular business hours, we have decided to open the last Sunday of each month from 9:00am – 3:00pm to accommodate winemakers and their employees.  Starting Sunday, October 28, if you are a winemaker or work at one of the wineries, you can now can book your massage at The Spa Central Coast on the last Sunday of each month.

We are still closed on other Sundays (except for parties of 4 or more and holidays) in order to give our team a day of rest and time to spend with their families.  Thank you for your continued loyalty.  Our regular hours are Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Why Be a Member at The Spa Central Coast?

  • $20 off the treatment that the membership is for (savings on our Family Shared plans vary because you get to choose different massages or get a facial).
  • You get a members Family & Friends Discount to help spread the happiness.  Bring in a friend or family member with you to your next treatment, and your friend or family member will receive $10 off her/his treatment.
  • 25% off our monthly featured product from The Spa Central Coast signature line.
  • 10% off any additional treatment you have at The Spa.
  • You get the same pricing we give you for your treatment at our sister spa, The Day Spa of Ojai.
  • You will receive a Spa Member Club Discount card that can be used at many local retailers and restaurants for 10%-15% off their services and goods.

Come visit us or call (805) 591-7157 to become a member today!

What Sets Us Apart from Other Day Spas

(Each month we share one thing that makes us different from the rest)

We are one of the few day spas that has a friendly, love ghost at Halloween where the kids have to chase the ghost in The Spa to get their Halloween candy.  It’s great fun!

Local News

Paderewski Music Festival November 1 (starting at 1pm)-November 4 at various Paso Robles locations.  This is a four-day festival celebrating one of our famous residents, Ignacy Jan Paderewski – virtuoso pianist, composer, international politician, local landowner, grower and winemaker. Concerts featuring world renown talent, exhibits, lectures, master classes and film screenings are accompanied by wine tastings and tours of local vineyards.

Live Music starting at 1pm on Saturday November 3rd at the Vina Robles Hospitality Center at 3700 Mill Road in Paso Robles.

Art After Dark, Saturday November 3rd 6-8pm at Studios on The Park (1130 Pine St, Paso Robles)

Elegant Holiday Evening, November 10th 5-8pm in Downtown Paso Robles. You’ll be able to enjoy good food, sip wine and stroll downtown Paso Robles.

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