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Kitty (owner) and I (Ali), Director and Master Health and Wellness Coach of The Spa Central Coast, spent the last couple weeks of March exploring new spa treatments and philosophies in Bali, Indonesia.  Bali is known as the Island of a Thousand Temples because whenever a house or building is constructed, a temple must also be built. Every day, time is dedicated to rituals regarding the temple, rituals that calm the mind, center the heart, and prepare the person for the day.  They even have an annual Peace Day in March where the entire island closes down—no one goes out; no lights are used.  Even the airport shuts down operations. 

This gorgeously lush island is only matched in loveliness by the beauty of its people who live by a philosophy they sincerely uphold called Ahimsa, which means “do no harm.”  They truly help their fellow Balinese and treat strangers as friends.  If there were an equivalent American concept it would be the Golden Rule—treat others as you want to be treated.  We couldn’t help but wonder, though, why we don’t have the same high level of peace with one another in America as the Balinese are able to reach with their fellow citizens—despite their crazy traffic and busy-ness of their shops in the cities.  Isn’t peace what we all truly and secretly (or openly) crave?  Peace in our communities; peace in our lives; peace within ourselves?

The answer to the Balinese’s national ability to create peace finally occurred to us after observing them for eleven days …they have sincerely internalized the temple within themselves.  They are able to live with reverence outwardly because they have become reverent inwardly.  They have peace, love, and respect for their own person first while a majority of Americans don’t—as reflected in the ways we treat ourselves…our high rates of youth and adult drug abuse, our high levels of eating disorders, our higher than average suicide rates, our high rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. We’ve become so good at abusing and being violent with ourselves, it’s no wonder that seeps out into our relationships with others around us.

Kitty and I realized if we want peace—true lasting peace—it has to begin with working on our own inner self first.  All those at The Spa Central Coast want peace so much for ourselves, for our family, for our friends, for our clients, that we’ve decided to transform The Spa over the next 12 months to incorporate this idea of treating the body as temple into our treatments and health classes at The Spa.  We’ll all be learning how to do this ourselves and will include each month in our newsletter’s “Health Corner” something you can learn or try in order to implement this new way of living.  Additionally, our specials will tie in to this concept as well if you want to come to The Spa for a treatment.

We’re really excited about this new journey and hope you’ll begin it with us.  And who knows…by starting with ourselves, we all may be able to be a good influence on those around us…for as you “change yourself, you change the world.”

Ali & Kitty


We have a new organic algae-based powder called “I Am Rebalanced” that you can use to help alleviate migraines, PMS symptoms, and hangovers.  It’s rich with magnesium and calcium.  It reduces stress, water retention, and restores balance to the body.  Come by and get yours today!  We also ship in the United States.

New Hours (just a gentle reminder)

As you know…we are making health and wellness a larger part of The Spa Central Coast, and part of being healthy is getting rest and relaxation.  Starting March 2018, we will be closing on Sundays (except for parties of 4 or more and holidays) in order to give our team a day of rest and time to spend with their families.  Thank you for your continued loyalty.  We hope that you will support us on this new path and book your appointments Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Community News

Do you agree with what the State has done?  The State of California enacted additional regulation of massage therapists by requiring them to get CAMTC Certification, which is a 500 hour certification program.   Before this regulation, massage therapists would attend massage school, usually in 200 hour certification programs and then they would do continuing education classes each year.

The new regulation has been problematic, however, for two reasons.

Practicing massage therapists who’ve been working in the industry for 10+ years have already many more than 500 hours of massage experience; however, in order for them to legitimately practice their trade now, they must return to school and pay $8,000-$16,000 just to get a certificate stating what they already have achieved.  Many experienced therapists are now having to leave the profession altogether because they can’t afford to go back to school or to only work in cities that haven’t yet implemented the regulation—which are becoming less and less.  Unfortunately, many of these therapists are also women* and often times single mothers.  Thus, it’s effectively putting people out of work.

The new regulation is also problematic for legitimate spas like The Spa Central Coast in being able to hire enough massage therapists who hold this new CAMTC Certification.  For any City, like Paso Robles, that has chosen to implement it, spas have no choice but to hire individuals from the state-approved massage schools with the CAMTC Certification. And yet, there is only one massage school in the San Luis Obispo County.  Even though it is a good school, due to their limited capacity, they graduate less than 20 people per year.  This is not enough for the demand among spas that are needed in our County alone. Additionally, this new regulation translates in to forcing spas to hire therapists who are recently graduated and often less experienced than therapists who have been working 10+ years but who don’t carry the new CAMTC Certification title.  Most people, especially our clients, want experienced therapists working on them because it tends to be a much better overall massage when someone knows what s/he is doing.

If you, too, believe the State has overstepped its bounds on this issue, and would like to join us in signing the petition in the link below, we’d sincerely appreciate your support.

Health Corner –The Third Eye

What is the “third eye?”  The “third eye”—as referred to by shamans, ancient Greeks, those in energy healing, and some religions—is depicted as being centered between a person’s two eyebrows.  It’s a representation where the pineal gland actual sits in the middle of the brain.  It is believed to encapsulate a higher consciousness and a window into a higher energy field that we can’t touch, see, physically feel, smell, or hear.  It is considered a sort of “sixth sense” that transcends our five basic senses and helps us to know things before there is any “rational” way to actually know them. Some call it intuition.  Rene Descartes, an ancient philosopher, referred to it as the “Seat of the Soul.” To the mainstream, the “third eye,” was once thought of as just a strange concept.  But evidence in modern science shows this is not as odd as people in the mainstream thought.

Scientific research has shown there are significant similarities between the biology of the retina and the pineal gland. The pineal gland also houses the greatest level of serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter and governs mood, sleep, and energy.  It’s popularly known as the neurotransmitter of confidence and happiness.  More evidence is showing that diet may affect the activity of the pineal gland.  Diets high in sugar, artificial colors, preservatives and low in nutrients have detrimental effects on the healthy operation of the pineal gland, while consuming fresh foods and quality, organic products help to allow it to optimally function.

Do you want more clarity and energy?  Try purifying your pineal gland by taking a 30-day challenge.  Avoid refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, canned, processed and fast food for 30 days.  Replace these things with fresh fruit and vegetables (organic when possible), fish, olive oil, and less meat than you normally consume.  Write in a journal each day, noting any changes you feel in your body, mind, or spirit.  We’d love to hear your results.  Please email any to Ali at  (See the references for this article below).

Group Health & Wellness Classes

Please don’t forget that Ali will be offering group health and wellness classes beginning May 2018.  Topics for classes will include “Belly Fat and How & Why to Get Rid of it,” “How to Keep Your Brain Young,” “Real Foods—How to Find Them,” “Good Fats vs. Bad Fats:  Why Your Life May Depend on Knowing the Difference,” “How to Speed Up Your Metabolism,” “Your Body Has Its Own Medicinal Pharmacy:  How to Unlock It,” “How to Keep Your Body and Mind Young,” and “You’re More Powerful Than You Think:  Stop Giving Your Power Away.”  Spaces are limited, though.  If you are interested in attending a class, please let her know by sending an email to  Each class will be $45 per person.  If you’re more interested in one-on-one coaching, please contact Ali to let her know, and we can do a free consultation to determine the best path for you.  Pricing will be determined based on length of time and level of coaching needed.

April 2018 Specials

Purify Your Body Temple Special

Purifying the body means to remove contaminants from it.  Sometimes purification is done through specific breathing that helps detoxify the body, ritual baths, or treatments designed to pull toxins from the body.  Purification was particularly important in ancient times to empower the senses in order to gain clarity about one’s life and purpose.  It helps to get rid of what is worn out and prepares the body and mind to receive new understanding.

Come purify your body today by enjoying 60 min The Signature  Seaweed Body Wrap OR the 60 min Sedona Mud Wrap (if you’re sensitive to iodine) for only $89. With this special, you receive a soothing foot soak in our peaceful meditation room to initiate the relaxation process.  Your therapist will then lead you into one of our beautiful treatment rooms to enjoy your body wrap.

Body Wraps can improve circulation and eliminate toxins from the body, temporarily re-shape the body, help reduce body fat deposits as well as nourish the body with every vitamin, mineral and trace element your body needs.

The Signature body wrap recipe is made with various types of potent ocean algae. Included are many types of precious essential oils that work synergistically with the algae that is rich in minerals, helps with dry or dehydrated skin or skin that has begun to lose its tone. The essential oils are blended to work on specific parts of the body. This treatment will begin the process of releasing toxins that cause the skin to appear rippled or thick looking such as thick upper arms, pouches on upper hips, waists and stomachs that are bloated or are distended.  It is an extraordinarily powerful treatment.

Click here to book your Purify Your Body Temple Special today!

Gift Card Special

Are you wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day?  Give the gift this year that tells her, “You matter” by purchasing a gift card from The Spa Central Coast.

You can choose between an indulgent massage, a radiating facial, or a revitalizing body wrap to show your mom what important self-care feels like.  For every $100 you spend in gift cards, you will receive a small gift for your purchase.  Come by today and we’ll wrap your purchase in a lovely gift bag!

Click here to order a Gift Card today!

Facial Peel Special

Continue the purification by treating yourself to a facial peel.  With this special, you will receive a soothing foot soak in our peaceful meditation room to initiate the relaxation process. Your esthetician will then lead you into a beautiful treatment room for your soothing pineal massage to open that gland and your creativity.  Then the 30-minute Skin Ceuticals glycolic peel OR an all-natural hibiscus glycolic peel will be applied to stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out pigmentation, reduce pore size and clear acne. All of this for only $70. Best of all…no redness and no down time!

Click here to book your Facial Peel Special today!

Product Special for the Month

All The Spa Central Coast members will receive 25% off of our signature line Hydrating Laminaria Oil. Its 100% organic seaweed oil with essential oils ylang ylang, geranium, bergamot and lavender.  It restores nutrients and gently improved skin tone and vitality.  It relieves symptoms of psoriasis and according to our clients who have used it on their bellies while pregnant—it helps to keep stretch marks away!  It’s a great gift to give to any expecting mom.  Regularly $33 for 6 oz.  This month, it’s only $24.75. This product sells fast, so get yours today!!

Why Be a Member at The Spa Central Coast?

  • $20 off the treatment that the membership is for (savings on our Family Shared plans vary because you get to choose different massages or get a facial).
  • You get a members Family & Friends Discount to help spread the happiness.  Bring in a friend or family member with you to your next treatment, and your friend or family member will receive $10 off her/his treatment.
  • 25% off our monthly featured product from The Spa Central Coast signature line.
  • 10% off any additional treatment you have at The Spa.
  • You get the same pricing we give you for your treatment at our sister spa, The Day Spa of Ojai.
  • You will receive a Spa Member Club Discount card that can be used at many local retailers and restaurants for 10%-15% off their services and goods.

Come visit us or call (805) 591-7157 to become a member today!

What Sets Us Apart from Other Day Spas

(Each month we share one thing that makes us different from the rest)

We are one of the few day spas that truly focuses on health and wellness and has a Master Certified Health Coach (MCHC) available to any of our clients who wish to improve their health, as well as offers group classes on health and wellness topics.


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