The Wellness Revolution – June 2020 Newsletter

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

As I have had more than 70 days to take a look at my business and its new path going forward, I saw a need for more changes for the future.  So I am calling our next phase Wellness Revolution 2020, and The Spa is transitioning from being just a “Spa’ to becoming a Wellness Center and Spa.

Scientific studies reveal that massage is needed to relieve stress, chronic pain, and stabilize mental health. During the sheltering-at-home, a mental health crisis occurred, individuals’s self care declined, and reports of overall wellbeing decreased.  This is partly why I felt the need to introduce changes and see our special place become more of a Wellness Center than just a “spa.”   Some of the changes we’ve already made is having a medical doctor, Dr Stefanie Mikulics, who I have partnered with, remodeling every room in The Spa to give it a fresh look, bringing on healthy, organic vegan and vegetarian “Grab and Go” food from Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo, and working in collaboration with other wellness professionals, like Jena Baird, owner of Dharma Yoga Loft, and Ali Bowen, owner of Ali Health and Wellness, who will also be an extension of this Wellness Center.  (More to come on this and the discounted services and Wellness Card that will be available in the near future).  Additionally, Far-Infrared Sauna and spray tanning are also available, as well as a 10-minute meditation at 1:00pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Dr Mikulics is here to help you in your need to relieve stress, address hormone issues, gut health, medical aesthetic treatments, and the Mona Lisa procedure. Right now, the Governor is only allowing massage with a prescription from a doctor. This is available to you now at our Wellness Center and Spa.  If you feel the  need for a massage, please call us for a screening.  We will have Dr Mikulics evaluate if a massage is likely to help relieve any symptoms you are having.  We hope to be able to offer massage for others without a medical need soon.

Currently, we are open 10:00am-6:00pm Tuesday-Friday and 9:00am-6:00pm Saturday for your “Grab and Go” Vegan and Vegetarian food, Far-Infrared Sauna and spray tanning.  Prescription-based massages are booked after meeting medical criteria.

We look forward to increasing everyone’s health and wellness.


Kitty Arosteguy, Owner
2011 Business of the Year 
2019 Best Massage 
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Steps to Booking a Prescription Massage:

  • We cannot take walk-ins at this time.  (Please call to be pre-screened.)
  • We have a wash station at the front of the Spa.
  • Temperatures are taken upon arrival.
  • 65 years and older – You get priority in booking; you can be the first clients of the day.  There will only be 3 people in The Spa during your service.
  • Foot soaks and hand wraps will take place should you arrive 15-20 min early.

We understand that the booking process is much more involved but we are trying to make it as nice as we possibly can. Thank you so much, and we look forward to helping you in your path of healing!

Dr Mikulics’s Corner

We all know that stress can affect your skin. An acne flare after a major upset in your life is not a coincidence. But is it true that when it comes to beautiful glowing skin bacteria is your friend, and your gut is calling the majority of the shots?  YES!

The Gut, Brain, Skin Axis is the new era of optimal skin care. Let’s break it down. When you have stress perceived or actual, your body starts to produce more cortisol (a key hormone secreted by the adrenal glands). Cortisol, being a natural steroid, hampers your immune response, lowering your ability to make important antibodies that act as little soldiers along the skin and gut lining. There are many mechanisms at play but without their protection, the result is increased levels of pathogens sneaking in and increasing inflammation. Excessive inflammation has numerous harmful effects on the body. In the skin, it can lead to decreased collagen and elastin production resulting in sagging, dehydrated loose skin. Acne, rosacea, and psoriasis can flare as well. It gets worse; all of this inflammation is also a destroyer of a healthy microbiome (the good bugs that live in and on our bodies).

When the microbiome of our gut is compromised, we are at higher risk for Intestinal Permeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome. This leads to – you guessed it- more inflammation. Often a vicious cycle ensues because our good gut bugs are responsible for making up to 90% of our serotonin (happy brain hormones)  and other important neurotransmitters. As a result, our anxiety and stress can worsen, and the cycle of skin problems persists.

We also have a microbiome specific to our skin. It has many important jobs including, protecting against infections by crowding out the bad bacteria, creating an acidic environment (pH ~5) which inhibits the growth of pathogens, and they help keep the skin’s immune system cells in balance.

We now know that in order to achieve healthy skin, all of these factors (also referred to as NICE – Nuero-immuno-cutaneous-endocrine) must be addressed. The right regimen customized to best support your overall Gut Brain Skin Axis can have you looking AND feeling great in no time!

Beauty From Within,

Stefanie Mikulics, MD


Ali Health and Wellness is delighted to be working in collaboration with the Wellness Center and Spa to help provide services, as well as being a part of creating a new paradigm in the way we all look at, and maintain, our health in the future.In 1994, the National Institute of Health measured our energy and said we are all electromagnetic energy…so we’re a vibration, a frequency.  In energy medicine, it’s long been known that fear has a low vibration, while joy, love, and peace have high vibrations.

According to The Guardian, human hearing begins at 20hz.  However, 19hz is a range considered low frequency and below human hearing.  This low region can “affect humans and animals in several ways, causing discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision (by vibrating your eyeballs), hyperventilation and fear, possibly leading to panic attacks.”  **
Interestingly, the roar of a tiger contains frequencies of 18hz, which can disorientate and paralyze its victim.  It’s now being hypothesized that 18hz may be the same frequency as fear.  When you allow yourself to feel fear, you are negatively affecting your body and mind.  Is it any wonder then why you feel unable to think or “paralyzed” in your actions when you’re really afraid?  But you can raise your vibration by doing self-care items, like biofield tuning energy healing, massage, or yoga.  All of these increase your joy, your self love, and your peace. 
Biofield tuning, in particular, reharmonizes your mind and body by disentangling discordant sound from trauma and stress in your energy field and restores vitality and calm to your body and mind. It’s also helps ADHD, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, depression, teen defiance, and a number of other ailments and problems. It’s wonderful for children and teens, too! You can read more about it on  If you’re interested in making an appointment for tuning, please call or text Ali at 626-616-0945 for a session in Paso Robles or a distance session over the phone.
Health, Healing & Love,
Owner, Ali Health and WellnessAli Bowen, MBA, MA, Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach (MCHC), Spiritual Coach & Certified Biofield Tuning Practioner

Dharma Yoga Loft is excited to be a part of bringing wellness to our community in collaboration with the Wellness Center and Spa.  We have 30 + group classes and two classrooms, one for heated classes which uses the amazing benefits of infrared, as well as our regular classroom. Meditation, Intro to yoga, sound bath healing yoga, sculpt, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, hatha yoga, HIIT and Pilates are all available at our studio on Spring Street in Paso Robles.

Private yoga instruction is also available to help you further your practice of yoga, meditation, Pilates, or sculpt training.  You can find us at

Owner, Dharma Yoga Loft

We now have a Grab & Go Take Out Menu featuring organic, vegan and vegetarian choices from Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo.


We would like to introduce our newest team member, John.  John’s specialization is in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, and trigger work. Most of John’s training comes from Santa Monica School of Massage. He is certified by the State and National Board of Massage Therapy and has been practicing for over 15 years.  He looks forward to working with you!

John is available for appointments
Tuesday through Saturday

Product of the Month for Members
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To make the best herbal iced tea, use the following herbs on their own or combine them for unique flavors. You can use either fresh or dried herb unless noted.

Hibiscus is sour, delicious and makes a beautifully red tea from the dried calyx. It is one of the best herbs to help cool you off on a hot summer day. It’s also known to support heart health and contains a high amount of vitamin C as well as antioxidants. Hibiscus may also lower blood sugar levels.

Lemon balm has a light lemony flavor. The fresh herb tastes far better than when dried. It is considered a heart tonic for cardiovascular system health. Most notably, lemon balm is useful for general exhaustion, stress, anxiety, grief and mild depression. Those with hypothyroidism should avoid lemon balm.

Lemon verbena has a lemon flavor with a hint of mint. Lemon verbena is best known for use to ease tension, reduce anxiety and calm nerves. Lemon verbena is excellent for many common digestive issues and can help reduce joint pain.

Green tea is one of the most common and familiar tea flavors. The dried leaf has been widely researched as an excellent medicinal. It provides anticancer, antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is also known to assist heart health.

Peppermint is one of the more spicy mints. It makes a wonderful gentle pick-me-up. Peppermint is a digestive herb, helpful where there is gas, colic, and indigestion. It’s one of the best remedies for relief of nausea.

Spearmint is refreshing, uplifting and more mild than peppermint. It has similar medicinal properties as peppermint and is a great choice for children.

Rose petals are soothing, light and floral. Tea from rose petals is a tonifying beverage to help support the whole system. They are particularly helpful in heart formulas. Roses are gently relaxing in action and aroma.

Elder flower is sweet and floral. While elder flower is most noted for colds and flu, especially to help sweat out a fever, this is usually when taken as a hot tea. However, as a cold tea, it is a useful diuretic that helps to expel excess water from the body.

If using a mixture of herbs, combine them together in equal parts. If using dried herbs, you can mix up a large batch of the herbs for storage so it will be ready to use at any time. For every cup of tea, add a heaping teaspoon of dried herb, or heaping tablespoon of fresh herb.

  • Heat water in a pan until it just starts to boil and remove from heat
  • Add the herb and cover the pan
  • Let steep for 10 minutes
  • Strain
  • Let cool and serve over ice
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