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Have you noticed love and romance seem to be in the air? 

Could it be because Valentine’s Day is in the middle of February thus it is meant to celebrate the entire month of February as the month of LOVE?

What’s even better is that not only is February the month of LOVE but this February is also a Leap Year. This means we get one extra day for LOVE this month!

We all know love can be a complicated subject so we thought this might be the perfect time to learn a little bit more about this thing called love.

Did you know that the ancient Greeks used eight words to define the different states of love:

1) Storge:  Natural affection

2) Philia: Friendship

3) Eros: Sexual and erotic

4) Agape: Unconditional divine love

5) Lutus:  Flirting

6) Pragma: Committed married love

7) Philautia:  Self love

8) Mania: Obsessive love

The ancient Greeks were pretty smart to recognize all the different ways we love.  But even then, they realized that Self-love was crucial.  The name they gave it was Philautia.  Without Self love, we really can’t express the other types of love naturally.  The bottom line is to love ourselves in a healthy way is healing for us.  It makes our life easier to handle. It allows us to love others also in a more healthy way.

So in this month of love, let each of us ask ourselves “How much do we really love our self?”

Be honest.  How much harder are you on yourself than others?  Do you always take care of everyone else first, and if there is any energy left you come last?  If you don’t do everything in that order do you then feel guilty? Do you find yourself angry or out of sorts for no reason?  Or what about shame?  Is that shame just hiding inside, you don’t know why you feel shame but you just do if you look in the corners of your mind?

Research proves that over time loving and forgiving yourself improves everything in your life. Getting rid of those FALSE beliefs helps to eventually heal you.  How do you do it?  It takes work, it takes time, and sometimes it isn’t easy.

In my research for this I came across a woman named Polly Noble.  She was diagnosed with cancer two times before she was 28 years old.  She survived her cancer and went on to share some of her lessons on life. You can look her up on the Internet and see what she believes helped her in that journey.  Briefly, she said she must be in the moment and give herself ‘space’.  She also suggested that each of us make our own well being a priority.  Sounds like philautia to me!

She recommended giving yourself gifts that you may have given to someone else.  She called it a ‘Duvet’ day.  For example, book a full day at the Spa.  Or a facial…or a massage where it is quiet and you don’t have to think or talk or act. Be good to You.  You are worth every penny.  Every moment.  Just because it is February, the love month, try it.  You may want to do that on a regular basis!

Much love,
Kitty (Owner)

February Specials

10% Off Couples Massage (book by Feb 8)

‘Tis the season for love…come and enjoy a pampering Couple’s Massage with your Valentine. Couples Massage is a massage done in our private couple’s room. Each person receives the full attention of her/his own massage therapist in order to enjoy a relaxing 60-minute, 75-minute, or 90-minute Swedish, Integrated, or Deep Tissue massage with your sweetie. The couple will relax in a soothing 15-minute foot soak in our alluring meditation room and refreshing water from our exclusive 4-filter hydration system before their massage. Upon checking out, the couple will receive a gift to continue to kindle the loving spark between them as well as a decadent chocolate-covered strawberry. (Special price is available all month. Must mention this newsletter at the time of booking and book by Feb 8.)

10% off any 90 minute Singles Massage

We never forget you on this special day as we understand it is so important to first love yourself! Book any 90 minute massage and receive 10% off. (Special price is available all month. Must mention this newsletter at the time of booking.)

The Spa Central Coast Gift Card

Gift Cards

Would you like to get a special gift for someone important to you?  How about a gift card at The Spa Central Coast?

The recipient of the card you purchase can choose between an indulgent massage, a radiating facial, or a revitalizing body wrap or any other treatment we offer.  Come by today and we’ll wrap your purchase in a lovely gift bag or purchase online below!

What’s New Now Offering:

Shamanic Energy Clearing and Soul Retrievals

For a limited time, Shamanic Practitioner Denise Braun will be supporting clients in shamanic energy clearing and soul retrievals. These practices are in alignment with the Q’ero lineage of Shaman (the Peruvian Inca Shaman). Denise’s rites of shamanic healing have been initiated through this lineage to support the energy healing of her clients. If you have struggled with illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety or toxicity, consider a shamanic clearing session to regenerate and open blocked chakras. If you have struggled with your life’s purpose, or lack ambition or motivation, or have struggled in your relationships, a soul retrieval session will help to restore your lost soul and revitalize your energy.

Both sessions require anywhere from 1-2 hours, so flexibility in your schedule is crucial. Every energy clearing and soul retrieval session is unique. Please note: this medicine is powerful. When booking these sessions, please be sure to read through the preparation expectations (available as a handout at the Spa Central Coast). The effects of this energy work lasts far beyond your initial session. You can anticipate ‘light bulb’ moments, some changes in your emotional state, and a need for more sleep post-shamanic session.

Shamanic Energy Clearing: $375/session

Shamanic Soul Retrieval: $450/session

Unsure which session to book? Speak with Kitty at the Spa CC to be sure.

Tarot Readings

For a limited time, Denise Braun (Author, Intuitive, and Shamanic Practitioner) will be offering Tarot readings at the Spa CC. Are you looking for guidance with a big life change? Relationship advice? Are you blocked, stuck or uninspired? Tarot is a tool of divination that has been practiced since the 15th century. Denise uses intuition and energy to read your cards and support you with expert guidance, and has been reading Tarot for over 25 years.

Half Hour Tarot: $165

Full Hour Tarot: $275

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  • You get the same pricing we give you for your treatment at our sister spa, The Day Spa of Ojai.

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Body Mechanics Tip of the Month: Why am I sore after a massage?

This is a common question I can guarantee every therapist has heard before! Well, I’m here to explain a few things and provide some very important tips on how to minimize soreness.

Massage is a powerful tool to our everyday life; besides making us feel great, it is a stress reducer, a preventative for injury and sickness and it has the power to increase our strength and productivity.  I could go on all day about the endless benefits of receiving regular bodywork!

In a sense, receiving a massage can almost feel like you have had a great workout – endorphins, blood flow, a clearer mind, and great sleep are just a few of the post massage/workout benefits!

But chances are there will be times when you wake up the next morning feeling sore (this is normal!).

So what is a good way to minimize that soreness?

Glad you asked!

1. Maintenance! Get on a regular schedule for your bodywork. Stay ahead of the game!

One thing you have probably heard me say is, “the pain comes last.” Don’t wait for the pain to find you, because 9 times out of 10, the problem was there far before the pain kicked in so make the commitment to preventative sessions.

The more commitment you put into keeping your muscles smooth and “knot free” the less achy and sore you will be post massage.

2. Hydration! Be purposeful with your hydration pre and post bodywork. The average body requires half of your body weight in ounces of H2O daily. So use that as a guide when gauging how much H2O you should drink.

3. Another great tool in addition to massage and optimum wellness is adding on a far infrared session prior to your massage session. Benefits include:

  • Elimination of heavy metals – far infrared sauna penetrates the body on a cellular level to eliminate heavy metals, toxins, and lactic acid
  • Preparation of your muscle and tissue for a deeper level massage
  • Promotion of muscle recovery.

Post massage recommendations:

An Epson salt soak is always a wonderful idea (preferably pharmaceutical grade)

Magnesium has a powerful effect on the body so utilize those benefits.

DO NOT complete a heavy workout post massage!  Allow your body to rebalance naturally using the tools and tips provided.

Here are a few recommended post massage success products we have right here at The Spa Central Coast.

1. Poseidon muscle rub (Arnica based anti-inflammatory)

2. CBD topical rub

3. “I am soothed of aches and pains” essential oil can be added into your bath or applied directly

4. White egret pharmaceutical grade Epson salt and magnesium oil (Lavender or Eucalyptus)

Feel free to ask your therapist for recommendations and also check with the front desk if you need more info on any of these products!

In good health,


Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Yields 2-4 servings

4 medium ripe avocados

¼ cup coconut milk (or preferred nut milk)

4 tbsp. dark cocoa powder or organic cacao powder

3 tbsp. manuka honey

2 oz. melted dark chocolate (ideally vegan)

2 tsp. vanilla extract

¼ tsp. ground Ceylon cinnamon

1⁄8 tsp. Himalayan pink salt

Toppings (optional): whipped coconut cream, vegan chocolate sprinkles, cocoa nibs

Remove avocado pits and skin, and blend remains in a food processor until creamy. Add the rest of the ingredients and puree, scraping down the sides when needed. Add seasoning or sweeteners to taste, and blend for two more minutes until completely smooth. Serve with desired toppings.

This recipe first appeared in the August issue of DAYSPA Magazine.

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