We are now able to provide you with outdoor massages at one of our favorite wineries:  Rava Wines.    The winery is beautiful with a calm and relaxing ambiance.  You can also taste after your massage,  but please schedule a tasting in advance as tastings are by appointment only.

Call us now at 805-591-7157 to schedule your massage and if you want to do a tasting after your massage, give Rava Wines a call to schedule 805-238-7282



A little about Rava Wines

The Rava’s, a third-generation farming family, has taken their expertise into the cellar crafting sparkling wines in the traditional méthode champenoise style. Surrounded by vineyards and native landscape, our contemporary tasting room is ready to host you, your family and friends. Located just 15 minutes from downtown Paso Robles, our tasting room and patio boasts of modern hospitality and a welcoming place to spend the day. We offer two unique tasting options, a glass or bottle purchase to enjoy onsite  With generous outdoor seating on the patio, or around our pond we have plenty of room for the whole family, including the four-legged variety.

Take a virtual tour of Rava Wines & Events here:  RavaWines

Here is a little view of your outdoor experience. We are so grateful to the Rava’s for allowing us to co- create together.



The Spa Central Coast News

If you have visited The Spa Central Coast in the past 6 months, many of you have met Ali, our Spa Director and Master Health and Wellness Coach.  She will be offering health and wellness classes beginning May 2018.  Topics for classes will include Real Foods—How to Find Them, Good Fats vs. Bad Fats:  Why Your Life May Depend on Knowing the Difference, How to Speed Up Your Metabolism, Your Body Has Its Own Medicinal Pharmacy:  How to Unlock It, How to Keep Your Body and Mind Young, and You’re More Powerful Than You Think:  Stop Giving Your Power Away.  Spaces are limited, though.  If you are interested in attending a class, please let her know by sending an email to alithespacc@gmail.com.

New Hours

We are making health and wellness a larger part of The Spa Central Coast, and part of being healthy is getting rest and relaxation.  Starting March 2018, we will be closing on Sundays (except for parties of 4 or more and holidays) in order to give our team a day of rest and time to spend with their families.  Thank you for your continued loyalty.  We hope that you will support us on this new path and book your appointments Monday-Saturday from 9:00am-6:00pm.

Community News

As you know, parts of the Central Coast endured devastating fires followed by wrenching mudslides in December and January.  Many in the communities we know and love were affected.  Generous first responders, communities, neighbors, friends, and families have worked diligently to clean up the destruction left behind by these horrific events.  The Spa Central Coast’s delightful client, Suellen Spong, and her husband have been in Santa Barbara recently as part of that clean up crew and shared with us that this area is ready again to have visitors.

Additionally, our sister spa, The Day Spa of Ojai was negatively affected from these fires and the aftermath, as were so many located in downtown Ojai and the surrounding area.  Montecito and Carpinteria were also heavily impacted. Please bring some happiness to those in these areas by visiting and supporting the businesses there.

Health Corner

Did You Know?

Did you know that massage and alcohol do not mix?  If you are going to a spa that serves alcohol, you may want to ask yourself, “Is this good for me?”  The reasons spas serve alcohol may not be to benefit you but to benefit them.

Kitty Arosteguy, owner of The Spa Central Coast, loves nothing more than pairing a good wine with a fabulous meal and would be the first to recommend some of our wonderful local wineries to clients after they have had a massage, but she would never mix alcohol with massage.

Here’s why…massage encourages circulation and pushes the lymph fluid and relieves fluids more quickly in the body. Hence, this process is a bit dehydrating. This is part of the reason why you should drink plenty of water after a massage.  Alcohol is a diuretic, and its dehydrating effects can be intense (think hangover headache).  It dilates the blood vessels and moves alcohol more quickly through the bloodstream. Having two processes going on simultaneously that are dehydrating is not good for the body.  Massage can also intensify alcohol content and hangover symptoms because during a massage, the alcohol goes to the bloodstream faster and can stay there longer…like an amplification effect.  Moreover, massage makes the body’s immune system stronger.  Whereas, too much alcohol actually weakens the immune system.  You diminish the health benefit of massage by combining them.  This is why many massage experts recommend waiting approximately four hours after consuming alcohol before you get a massage. ***

March 2018 Specials

March Madness Gladness!!

Dr William Fry, a Stanford University Psychiatrist shares that kids laugh more than 400 times a day, while adults only laugh only about 12 times a day.*

Where has our laughter gone?  It is time to recapture it, which is why we, at The Spa Central Coast, have decided to make it a Month of Gladness rather than Madness!

Join us for some specials that will uplift and create rejuvenation in your mind, body, and soul.  You may want to try a body wrap, for instance.  They are so healthy and make you feel so happy that truly everyone should have one monthly, which is why we are giving such a superb price on them during March Gladness.  We want everyone to experience the amazing benefit of them.  If you want to try another treatment to increase your happiness factor, come in for a “Friends Forever” Massage with your bestie.  If the specials do not appeal to you, check out our other massages and treatments here at The Spa Central Coast.  After all, massages increase the feel good hormones like serotonin and dopamine—both sure fire ways to get your happy activated.

Friends Forever Massage Special

What do you think of when someone mentions the name of your best friend?  Happiness?  Laughter?  Gratitude?  There is very little that is more fulfilling than a really great friendship.  Being understood by someone is close to nirvana.  It just feels so good!!  We know our friendships are important.  Now studies show why.  Having secure friendships promote a healthy brain and are vital to our mental health.  Friends assist us in more easily rebounding from illness and disease, help us to make better choices in our lives, and ease the stresses we experience, and best of all….they make us feel happier!**

Show your bestie how much you value her or his friendship by experiencing a “Forever Friends” massage together during the entire month of March Gladness.  This special includes a soothing foot soak in our peaceful meditation room where you can sit side-by-side with your friend while sipping water or a special tea.  You’ll then enter together into a lovely massage room to continue your “friend” time together.  Each of you will have your individual and attentive massage therapist delivering your 60-Minute Swedish massage while sharing a special friend ritual that will remind you of the special times you have shared over your life—whether or not that comprises just a few months or years.  You will receive a small gift at checkout to commemorate your special “bestie” day together.  All for only $210.

Click here to book your Friends Forever Massage Special today!

Sedona Mud Wrap Special

Body Wraps can improve circulation and eliminate toxins from the body, temporarily re-shape the body, help reduce body fat deposits as well as nourish the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements your body needs.

This treatment is completely customized to meet the specific needs of your body. With this special, you receive a soothing foot soak in our peaceful meditation room to initiate the relaxation process.  Your therapist will then lead you into one of our beautiful treatment rooms to enjoy a 60-Minute Sedona Mud Wrap which is made with potent ocean red algae combined with precious essential oils that work synergistically with the algae. As you are wrapped in the most loving algae cocoon (just like a beautiful butterfly), the algae—rich in minerals—begins working to help your dry or dehydrated skin…skin that has begun to lose its tone.  This then releases toxins that cause the skin to appear rippled or thick looking such as thick upper arms, pouches on upper hips, waists and stomachs that bloat or are distended.  This extraordinarily powerful treatment is one where you will definitely walk away feeling uplifted and happy!  This special is available all month of March Gladness for only $80.

Click here to book your Sedona Mud Wrap Special today!

Myofacial Release Special

Do you have chronic soreness or pain and want relief so you can feel happier?  Myofascial release may help.  All during March Gladness, get $20 off a 60-Minute Myofascial Release treatment with our Myofascial expert, Lori Walters.

You can read more about this therapy at www.myofascialrelease.com

Click here to book your Myofascial Release Special today!

Product Special for the Month

All The Spa Central Coast members will receive 25% off any of our signature line Marine Body Polish. Its creamy exfoliate lotion with natural pumice and algae granules gently exfoliates your skin and stimulates microcirculation. It removes dead surface skin cells and keeps skin firm and glowing. Normally $28 for 8 oz. It’s only $21 this month. This product sells fast, so get yours today!!

Why Be a Member at The Spa Central Coast?

  • $20 off the treatment that the membership is for (savings on our Family Shared plans vary because you get to choose different massages or get a facial).
  • You get a members Family & Friends Discount to help spread the happiness.  Bring in a friend or family member with you to your next treatment, and your friend or family member will receive $10 off her/his treatment.
  • 25% off our monthly featured product from The Spa Central Coast signature line.
  • 10% off any additional treatment you have at The Spa.
  • You get the same pricing we give you for your treatment at our sister spa, The Day Spa of Ojai.
  • Coming soon…you will receive a Spa Member Club Discount card that can be used at many local retailers and restaurants for 10%-15% off their services and goods.

Come visit us or call (805) 591-7157 to become a member today!

What Sets Us Apart from Other Day Spas

(Each month we share one thing that makes us different from the rest)

We are one of the only spas that give a 60-minute massage.  Many spas only offer 50-minute massages and charge you more for it than we do for our 60-minute massage.  Massages at The Spa Central Coast are a great value for your money.



* Dr Sears Wellness Institute (2018).  “Laughter heals the body and soul”  Retrieved from https://www.drsearswellnessinstitute.org/healthy-living/healthy-tips/family-stress/laughter-heals/

** Mayo Clinic Staff (2016).  Friendships: Enrich your life and improve your health.  Retrieved from https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/friendships/art-20044860

*** Lerner, M. (2017).  Retrieved from https://www.zeel.com/blog/lifestyle/your-best-massage/mixing-alcohol-and-massage/

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