The holiday season is among us, and while we could all use some holiday cheer, we must remain vigilant and cautious with the effects of COVID-19 still prominent in our daily lives. With that being said, we have updated our intake form and have changed some protocols in the spa.

We will no longer be giving foot soaks before treatments. While they are an amazing way to get our clients grounded and ready for treatments, we feel that as long as SLO county remains in the purple tier we should not offer them.

We have also added the following new questions to our intake form. To best protect your health and the health of others, all spa clients must fill out this form before each massage and bodywork session.

Intake Form Addendum

1. Have you been tested for COVID-19? If yes, what type of test did you have? When was your test? What were your results?

2. Have you traveled outside of your county within the past two weeks? If so, have you quarantined or got a COVID-19 Test?

3. Have you been in groups of 10 or more within the last two weeks?

4. Have you been in any area with a high infection rate within the last two weeks?

5. Please check if you are experiencing any of the following as a NEW PATTERN since the beginning of the pandemic: Fever; Diarrhea, digestive upset; Sudden onset of muscle soreness; Chills; Nasal, sinus congestion; Rash or skin lesions; Cough; Fatigue (especially on the feet); Sore throat; Shortness of breath.

6. Are you immunocompromised?

7. Do you have any new discomfort with exertion or exercise?

8. Has anyone who you live with or are around often experienced any symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19?

We ask that all information provided is true and accurate. We want to keep all of our clients and employees safe.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call (805) 591-7157. Thank you for understanding. We look forward to seeing you.

To our Members and Guests –

I wanted to thank you for your continued support as a member of The Spa Central Coast.  We’ve been in business nearly 18 years because of you.  Small businesses in our community and across America provide approximately 75% of the jobs in our country and create trillions of dollars for our economy.  This is why small businesses have always been referred to as the “backbone” of America.  As all of us go through this difficult time, your support and loyalty are so appreciated.

Our Protocol Going Forward

To our wonderful members and guests,

I want to assure our guests and Members that The Spa Central Coast takes the health and safety of both you and our employees very seriously, and so I’m writing to you to share some of our current standard health and safety practices at The Spa, as well share some new protocols we’ll be implementing due to COVID-19 that will assist us in getting back to work and helping increase your immunity through massage and other health treatments.

As you all know, the COVID-19 virus has surrounded us with growing public health risks, and we have carefully adjusted and increased our already stringent protocols and are closely monitoring the situation with the County’s assistance.  In the past, as well as currently, The Spa Central Coast has always followed, and is committed to, California State Board sanitation protocols for disinfecting and disease prevention.  With guidance from local officials and Center for Disease Controls, we have intensified our efforts around the best practices for virus prevention.  It starts with each and every one of us taking responsibility to care for ourselves and staying home when we are not feeling well.

Here’s what we’re doing to assure this:


Staff’s temperatures will be taken upon arrival at The Spa’s front door before they are allowed to enter the building to start their shift. Their temperatures will be taken via a No Contact IR Digital Forehead Thermometer, and their temperatures will be documented.  If any employee has an elevated temperature of more than 99.9 degrees, cough or any signs of illness, that employee will be sent home for the 14 day incubation period.  We will also be taking clients’ temperatures via a No Contact IR Digital Forehead Thermometer at the front door before they are able to enter The Spa and clients will be verbally screened for any illnesses and asked if they have taken a shower in the last 12 hours.  Any client with an elevated temperature of more than 99.9 or any sign of illness will be asked to reschedule their appointment and a service charge will be due.  Any client without a temperature or signs of illness will be able to come in for their appointment.  Clients will immediately remove their shoes and put on Spa sandals and will be asked to wash their hands and wipe down their cell phones with rubbing alcohol.  However, we will be asking clients not to use their cell phones in The Spa.  Our in-take forms have been adjusted, and even returning guests such as members, will be required now to answer questions each month in case there are any changes in a client’s health.


Our treatment rooms, supplies used, equipment and instruments have always been disinfected/sterilized between clients. We will continue to follow that protocol from the California State Board. We will now clean each treatment room floors after each appointment. We have always disinfected shared surfaces throughout The Spa such as doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, light switches and counter tops through out the day and will continue to do so.  This has always been a normal procedure you may not have known about.

While you are in your foot soak, we will now spray clients’ hands with an essential oil that has healing benefits and kills germs and bacteria without any harmful effects, and clients’s hands will be wrapped in a warm towel while they’re in their foot soak.  Our staff will continue to sanitize their hands just before and after each service with each client.  For the time being, masks and gloves will be worn during the services upon a client’s request.  We also have several air filters in The Spa to help keep the air clean.

Our appointments will be spaced so that no more than 7 people can be in the reception area and meditation room at one time, most likely it will be less.  We look forward to helping you get back in your committed self-care and wellness routines and will look forward to seeing you soon at The Spa Central Coast.

Much love,

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